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Mindfully Me: Moods Deck


Crack open the MOODS deck and learn the ins and outs of anxiety, depression, and mental wellness strategies. Mindfully Me, created by Dr. Torre, is a tool to assist individuals seeking mental health information, resources, and cognitive transformation. Whether learning about mental health, developing effective coping skills, or simply finding inspiration, Mindfully Me will enhance your mental head game.


Mindfully Me, created by Dr. Torre is a therapeutic tool to assist individuals on their mental health journey. The 60-card deck educates on mood disorders (Anxiety, Depression, and their Co-Morbid symptoms). It offers effective coping skills, affirmations, and natural supplements to address and assist with mood regulation.

It gives a range of information from the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems to daily affirmations, breathing techniques, and stretching exercises. There is something for everyone to learn or utilize from this deck of cards. Couples and groups can also use this as a Q & A card game. Whether an individual has knowledge of therapy or has decided they’re unsure of therapy, Mindfully Me tools will inform and add therapeutic skills for them.

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Mindfully Me: Moods Deck