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My first four blogs discussed some of the various emotions we encounter and how to let go or release them. Whenever I blog about things it is usually from questions, comments, or experiences I’ve witnessed or am concerned with. Lately, I’ve been working with a few clients, who struggle with not being self aware. Now, there are so many ways to look at this topic, therefore my next four blogs will focus on the different aspects of self awareness. It’s funny how so many of us are oblivious to such a game changing concept. Bad habits and non-productive thoughts/behaviors can be erased faster if we learn the ABCs-of-ME(self awareness). What can happen if we become curious and even focused on becoming self aware?


Well from a psychological viewpoint, people who are self aware are usually better communicators, employers/employees, parents, and friends. Those who are interested in learning more about themselves, typically learn more about their environment, purpose, and improving their futures and the lives around them. Whether it’s a bad relationship, challenging job, or just complicated decisions to make, becoming self aware helps you resolve most of your problems faster by first understanding yourself and your involvment within your problems(The ABCS-of-ME). So, how does one become self aware? Well, first let me say it’s not a difficult process. Self awareness begins when you pay attention to the details of your personality and behaviors. Now, let us begin by first considering the following questions as frequently as possible.n


1. What do I think about most of the time? Is it positive or negative?n2. How do I feel most of the time? Is it “inspired/uplifted” or “defeated/destructive”?n3. Where do I feel my emotions? Is it in my head, neck, back, hands, or stomach?n4. How do act when I’m alone or with others?n5. Who do I attract into my life?n6. Who am I comfortable around and why?n7. What patterns or themes do I see in my Life?n


These simple questions can get you started to paying more attention to the “how”s and “why”s of your behaviors. Many of us engage in our lives without taking personal inventory of motivators or the results from of our thoughts and/or actions. Learning the ABCs-of-you allows you the opportunity to take control of the needed changes in your life. Stay plugged in to  weekly as I discuss other aspects of self awareness; helping you be |BRILLIANTLYU|!n


Peace n Love, nDr. Torren

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